e-Khalti now offers PaySafeCard

e-Khalti.com is proud to sell PaySafeCard now. PaySafeCard is an online prepaid payment method consisting of a prepaid card that allows customers to pay for their shopping without having to give out personal or financial details, or without having a bank account or credit card. ... PaySafeCard is used mostly by young shoppers and customers without bank accounts.

With paysafecard you can pay with many websites that offer games , social services , music, video and entertainment , and more. You do not need a bank account or credit card to pay.

How to purchase PaySafeCard on e-Khalti.com?

  • First load fund in your e-Khalti.com account
  • Convert your NPR currency to USD or EUR
  • Go to Shops and Payments
  • Select Paysafecard option
  • Click on Go Now button
  • Click on Payment by ID
  • Write a short note, e.g. Paysafecard
  • Select PaySafeCard amount you want to buy
  • Choose USD or EUR currency
  • Once the payment is made, you will get PaySafeCard with 16 digit pin code which you can use in any of 40 countries
  • Feel free to create a ticket by clicking on the Support menu


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