The ICC world cup season is back! So, do you get the adrenaline rush when you hear the word ‘World Cup’? Well, if that is the case then pull up your socks and get ready to play ICC World Cup sitting right in your chairs! Did we just knock you down with a feather? Well then how about opening your e-Khalti app and checking out the surprise that is in store for you?
e-Khalti brings to you the chance to play ICC world cup in the lap of your couch! Just open the app and share with your friends and family for playing ‘Predict and Win’. And there you go!

Support your dream team and win some exciting prices too in e-Khalti!
Doesn’t that sound like a great deal? What’s more? You can also enrich yourself with the match schedules! Doesn’t that look like the perfect icing on the cake?
So, jump into the ICC World cup pool, support your favorite team and witness your predictions turning into prizes! Here’s your chance to turn your guesses into gains!
Contest available only if you download the  e-Khalti app. So, download the app now!
iPhone : Use Safari browser and click on Add to Home Screen
(Note: e-Khalti App is in beta stage and more robust app coming soon)

- Every day new winners will be announced in e-khalti facebook and e-Sathi page

- Contestant must open e-khalti account and fill up KYC form

- The winner must sent his photo in e-khalti facebook or e-Sathi page which will be later published in official e-khalti facebook and e-Sathi page (if winner does not want his/her photo to be published then he or she must say so in e-khalti messenger or by email)
- Whoever shares, likes and comments about the app with most users in social media 
- More detailed can be asked from e-Khalti support page
- Rs 500 to grab every day
- Terms and Condition may apply
- This offer is only valid for ICC World Cup 2019 only. After that time period this offer will automatically expire. 

- One winner is chosen every day within 24 hours

- Those players who plays this contest is encouraged to share post, comment and likes with friends and family. The more you share, like and comment better your chances to become a winner

- Winner is picked based on AI-engine deployed in the e-Khalti app and/or website and/or social media channels 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

How to answer the prediction

Simply answer prediction in the comment section of the e-khalti post

- More to come


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