How do I load funds in the e-Khalti Digital Wallet?

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You can load funds in e-Khalti digital wallet using following steps:
  1. Go to My Account
  2. Click on Load Fund
  3. Select Amount and make sure you have selected NPR
  4. Select Bank Transfer (Automatic) method, click on it if it is not selected already
  5. Click on “Send Money” button (it will push you to the next section)
  6. Select your personal or business bank from the list
  7. There are over 30+ local banks now in Welcome to e-Khalti - e-Khalti
  8. Once the banks are selected, click confirm
  9. You have to go to your bank and do the payment (this has to be done quickly because of security reasons)
  10. Once the payment is confirmed, you will return back to the e-Khalti
  11. Please wait 5–10 minutes …you can also click on Transaction section where you transaction states will be shown, when your transaction is “Pending” that means your load fund is being process so you have to keep some patience here
  12. Once the load fund is confirmed from the bank, you will see “Confirmed” message and also you will get SMS notification in your mobile
For any support related inquiry, please contact e-Khalti Support from here: Contact Us - e-Khalti


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