e-Khalti : Revolutionary Mobile Digital Wallet

e-Khalti: Revolutionary Mobile Digital Wallet
So you want to hear a story about e-Khalti, and this is a short intro about how we made e-Khalti, mobile digital wallet. eKhalti or e-khalti is not just a mobile digital wallet, but it is an entire payment ecosystem. The idea of e-Khalti is not only to provide services that people use daily, but there is much more to it…
There are already many payment digital wallet in many parts of the world. Of course, you have heard about Apple Pay, Alipay, andGoogle Pay and others but now you should also hear about e-Khalti
e-Khalti.com platform is the first platform to bring PayPal in Nepal through legal channel. So if you are currently looking to pay online for any shopping or you would like to send a few dollars in your PayPal account, you can do so through the e-Khalti platform.
Many local digital wallet providers will promise rosy ideas about going international, but none can match e-Khalti. Also, e-Khalti helps to make your business go worldwide with a simple merchant integration panel.
We don’t want to promise too much as we are still developing the platform and our mobile apps in both Google and Apple play store so, for now, enough bragging and please go out and try for yourself …


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