e-Khalti = eSewa + Khalti

What is e-Khalti?
e-Khalti is your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment gateway platform. A digital wallet for an instant, secure and hassle-free online payments.
e-Khalti is new payment ecosystem which some of our customers and users say looks like a combination of two popular mobile digital wallets in Nepal. However, e-Khalti is a bit international and is located in multiple countries.
e-Khalti is operated from both Europe and Asia.
e-Khalti is not just a mobile digital wallet but an entire payment ecosystem.
e-Khalti accepts international credit cards, local banks, third-party payment gateways (e.g. advCashPerfect MoneyPayPal and others).
e-Khalti is also working with other countries financial institutions. e-Khalti follows ECB (European Central Bank) guidelines. e-Khalti also follows local and national regulation of respective countries.
e-Khalti is PCI-DSS Compliance and already works with PCI-DSS compliance third-party international payment gateways. More about that info can be found from here: http://blog.unelma.co/2019/03/qualys-scans-and-attests-unelma.html
What is e-Khalti.com NOT?
As we would like to boast you so much about what is e-Khalti, we would also like to tell you what e-Khalti.com is not….so E-Khalti is not a bank and the E-Khalti Services are payment processing services rather than banking services. E-Khalti is not acting as a trustee, fiduciary or escrow concerning your funds, but is acting only as an agent to you and custodian to your funds. E-Khalti does not have control of, nor liability for, the products or services that are paid for with the E-Khalti Services.
On fin-tech philosophical front, we believe in decentralised banking…so we believe in blockchain because that is where e-Khalti is heading, wanna join?https://e-khalti.com


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