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Here Comes, e-Khalti


e-Khalti Partner Award

About e-Khalti Partner Award
e-Khalti Partner Award is to recognize e-Khalti agents whose support, work and achievements have contributed in significant and lasting ways to e-Khalti. The Awards will be commenced from Baisakh, 2076 and scheduled to distribute monthly. Each Award winners will be celebrated with Rs 10,000, certificate and ultimate membership of worth Rs 5000.

Award Categories:
    1. Excellence on Branding. 
This award is presented to an e-Khalti agent that has allocated and supported with their best available resources to achieve branding and promotion goal of e-Khalti.

    2. Best Use of Social Media 
This award is presented to an e-Khalti agent who has used facebook, twitter, youtube and other social media in an innovative or otherwise in an exceptional manner to share knowledge about e-Khalti.

    3. Highest Reward Point Earner.
This award is presented to an e-Khalti agent who has earned the highest reward points within a month.

    4. Product of the Month (Hig… introduces BlockChain Technology

For the first time in Nepal, introduces BlockChain Technology... Want to learn more, sign up & verify your account now Refer & Earn Program

e-Khalti Refer & Earn Program allows e-Khalti user to refer (Referrer) to friend or family or saved contacts (Referee). The Referrer shall receive a cash reward as defined in these T&C.

Users who wish to participate in the Referral Program must agree with these T&C.

Referrer – is a registered e-Khalti user who refers to another person (Referee)
Referee – is a person that received a referral from the Referrer.
Referral Cash Reward – is a cash reward received by the referrer upon referral program.
Referrer Message – Message sent from referrer to referred person.
Inactive e-Khalti User– e-Khalti User who has not done any transaction for 45 days.
Transaction– Any payment made to the e-Khalti registered Merchant.

1.      Refer a friend and get a referral cash reward up to Rs. 35 in each referral.
2.      Referral message is sent by e-Khalti on the behalf of referrer.
3.      The referral SMS sent to the referee contains a referral link which is valid for …

How do I load funds in the e-Khalti Digital Wallet?

Thank you for asking about Welcome to e-Khalti - e-Khalti You can load funds in e-Khalti digital wallet using following steps: Go to My AccountClick on Load FundSelect Amount and make sure you have selected NPRSelect Bank Transfer (Automatic) method, click on it if it is not selected alreadyClick on “Send Money” button (it will push you to the next section)Select your personal or business bank from the listThere are over 30+ local banks now in Welcome to e-Khalti - e-KhaltiOnce the banks are selected, click confirmYou have to go to your bank and do the payment (this has to be done quickly because of security reasons)Once the payment is confirmed, you will return back to the e-KhaltiPlease wait 5–10 minutes …you can also click on Transaction section where you transaction states will be shown, when your transaction is “Pending” that means your load fund is being process so you have to keep some patience hereOnce the load fund is confirmed from the bank, you will see “Confirmed” message …

e-Khalti : Revolutionary Mobile Digital Wallet

e-Khalti: Revolutionary Mobile Digital Wallet So you want to hear a story about e-Khalti, and this is a short intro about how we made e-Khalti, mobile digital wallet. eKhalti or e-khalti is not just a mobile digital wallet, but it is an entire payment ecosystem. The idea of e-Khalti is not only to provide services that people use daily, but there is much more to it… There are already many payment digital wallet in many parts of the world. Of course, you have heard about Apple Pay, Alipay, andGoogle Pay and others but now you should also hear about e-Khalti platform is the first platform to bring PayPal in Nepal through legal channel. So if you are currently looking to pay online for any shopping or you would like to send a few dollars in your PayPal account, you can do so through the e-Khalti platform. Many local digital wallet providers will promise rosy ideas about going international, but none can match e-Khalti. Also, e-Khalti helps to make your business go worldwide…

e-Khalti = eSewa + Khalti

What is e-Khalti? e-Khalti is your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment gateway platform. A digital wallet for an instant, secure and hassle-free online payments. e-Khalti is new payment ecosystem which some of our customers and users say looks like a combination of two popular mobile digital wallets in Nepal. However, e-Khalti is a bit international and is located in multiple countries.
e-Khalti is operated from both Europe and Asia. e-Khalti is not just a mobile digital wallet but an entire payment ecosystem. e-Khalti accepts international credit cards, local banks, third-party payment gateways (e.g. advCashPerfect MoneyPayPal and others). e-Khalti is also working with other countries financial institutions. e-Khalti follows ECB (European Central Bank) guidelines. e-Khalti also follows local and national regulation of respective countries. e-Khalti is PCI-DSS Compliance and already works with PCI-DSS compliance third-party international payment gateways. More about that info ca… has earned the McAfee SECURE certification

Unelma Platforms platform  has earned the McAfee Secure certification. You can check the McAfee certification by visiting in  site or directly from this link from McAfee site:

The McAfee security team verified the following items:
1. No Malware or malicious link has been found in e-Khalti
2. No Phishing has been detected in site
3. We use a valid SSL certificate to do any transaction McAfee security certification shows that we are Security products & protection from attacks.
Welcome to e-Khalti
e-Khalti is your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment gateway platform — a digital wallet for an instant, secure and hassle-free online payments. McAfee Secure certification McAfee SECURE Certification helps your customers feel safe - no matter how large or small your website is. EveryMcAfee SECUREcertified site is tested and certified to be free of malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other things …

e-Khalti now uses more than 20 local banks

Image now uses more than 20 local banks

It is our great pleasure to announce today that e-Khalti development is slowly advancing in the right direction. 

We have now added more than twenty local banks in the platform. 

This capability allows users of e-Khalti to do various things:

- Deposit and load value inside the platform
- Transfer funds from e-Khalti friends to another e-Khalti friend with minimal or no fee
- Pay for the purchases in their online business with "Pay with" button
- Withdraw value from platform
- Convert the currency to the base currency based on European Banks data which is published every day
- Do e-banking or mobile banking with breeze
- Much other countless stuff

Stay tuned for more news...

What is e-Khalti?

e-Khalti is your e-currency, e-wallet and online payment gateway platform. A digital wallet for an instant, secure and hassle-free online payments.